Funadiq Ground Services

Ground services known as Khidmat-Al-Madaniya of are free for the Hajj and Umrah travel agents that aim to enhance their business growth and improve their reputation in the Harmain market. It enables travel agents to provide the best care to their customers.

By utilizing Ground services from, travel agents can send their hajis (pilgrims) worry-free, by using the following scope of services which are:

  • Check-in and Check-out of your pilgrims
  • 24/7 Call center available to your pilgrims in case of any assistance
  • Ensure that your hotel rooms are up to the standard your pilgrims expect (includes the maintenance and cleanliness of the rooms)
  • Any additional services required by your pilgrims

Travel agents can provide their hajis the Customer Happiness Centre number prior to their departure and the Funadiq Makkah and Madinah team will assist them.

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